Hurricane Michael Relief

Tampa group sends critical supplies to victims of Hurricane Michael in North Florida

TAMPA, FL – Hurricane Michael blitzed North Florida with 155 mph winds, damaging property throughout the Panhandle. Hundreds of thousands were left in the dark without power and food. Water has become a critical commodity and for this reason, former colleagues and non-profit organizations who shipped more than 3 million pounds of supplies to victims of Hurricane Maria unite again to support the victims of Hurricane Michael. Mr. David Weiss President for, U.S Air Force Colonel (Ret) EJ Otero CEO for Course of Action and Arlene Marie, Vice President from All American Music Productions are coordinating the initial delivery of more than 1596 cases/38,304 bottles of water to North Florida. The plan is to send a total of 4 trucks for the next three weeks with more than 6,384 cases of water or 153,216 bottles of needed drinking water to the victims of Hurricane Michael in North Florida. Water continues to be one of the biggest challenges North Florida is facing in the wake of Hurricane Michael. But this group of community leaders has joined forces again to support the families in North Florida.

“You’re just waiting and you’re just wondering if they’re ok. You’re just hoping that they’re ok,” said Arlene Marie. We know firsthand how that feels as for more than three weeks we didn’t know if my uncle had survived the hurricane, Maria. “What you see here…it’s who we are as a culture,” Col EJ Otero. We give back to our community.

For David Weiss of Help me donate it was a radio broadcast one early morning last September when he overheard someone on the radio seeking generators that led his organization to connect to All American Music Productions a Veteran owned company and donate more than 200 generators for victims of Hurricane Maria. Said David Weiss,’s President, “We have received HUNDREDS of calls from folks in N. Florida and S.W. Georgia who is without food, water, and shelter. Many have lost everything. We are committed to making sure we get aid and supplies to them as quickly as possible.” Mr. Weiss added, “We have worked directly with the large Disaster Relief Organizations and will continue to do so, but nothing has been as beneficial to those in need as working with these Tampa Bay groups that are committed to giving back to our community. Most importantly, they can help organize a huge relief effort in a fraction of the time.”

Through a network of Veteran contacts, All American Music Productions is coordinating the delivery of needed water with the help of PASCO County Sheriff Office Team and Sheriff Chris Nocco. The critical and needed water will depart Tampa today enroute to families in North Florida directly delivered by and distributed by PASCO county Sheriff personnel and Lynn Haven Police Department. The water is provided Larry Cacciatore president of Ultra-Pure Water at below wholesale price. Last week, Mr. Cacciatore had also donated free water to a group of Veterans colleting water for North Florida families. The connection of Ultra-Pure water was made last year when Mr. Cacciatore donated water and supplies to Arlene Marie for victims of Hurricane Maria.

Course of Action a local non-profit organization 501c (3) led by Otero along local organization led By David Weiss and Arlene Marie from All American Music have collaborated on other community events and are proud of what they do to help others in times of need. has raised Millions of dollars for Disaster Relief Efforts. 

All American Music Productions is dedicated to support non-profit organization by organizing events to raise funds and recognize first responders, and Veterans in Tampa Bay. We worked quietly behind the scene to make things happen. For anyone desiring to donate you can visit us at

If you need additional information or anyone wishing to volunteer please contact or PASCO County Sheriff Community Relations Director Mr. Kevin Doll at