Press Release
September 5, 2022 – Tampa, FL
Non-Profit Organization and the Pasco Sherriff Office Join Forces once again to help
the victims of Hurricane Ida
“United for Louisiana”

TAMPA, FL – The Tampa 501c3 non-profit organization Course of Action, the Pasco County Sherriff’s Office and the Ultra-Pure Water Company came together again for an honorable cause.

Ultra-Pure is a leading provider of bottled drinking water, serving the southeastern U.S. region from Tampa, Florida. This is not the first time the Course of Action foundation, Pasco County Sheriff’s office and Ultra-Pure Water has collaborated to support other communities like North Florida when both companies teamed up to ship more than 250K bottles of water to the victims of hurricane Michael in North Florida in 2018, and more recently eight pallets containing thousands of bottles of water to residents of Newton, Texas when winter weather left Texans shivering in the dark, without water thousands of home owners flooded and in need of repair after flooding caused burst pipes.

This time on 1 September 2021, the PASCO county Sherriff’s office truck loaded with pallets of water departed Tampa, Florida and water arrived later that evening. The water was distributed to first responders and the neediest residents in Louisiana. Ida was a Category 4 hurricane Sunday morning with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph. More than 44 people were killed in northeast U.S. states and at least 12 in Louisiana, where the storm made landfall a week ago.

The Course of Action foundation remains committed to providing life-saving assistance to families in our communities affected by natural, health and economical disasters. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the hurricane Ida.

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The Course of Action Foundation teamed up with the PASCO Sherriff’s Office to deliver water and aid to the victims of Hurricane Ida.