Huracan Fiona-Tampa Unidos por Puerto Rico 2022

Press Release-For Immediate Release

TAMPA, FL – The Course of Action Foundation is no stranger to helping victims of natural disasters in Florida, the Unites States and around the world. Five years ago, the Course of Action Foundation led the biggest humanitarian supply collection point in Central Florida and shipping more than three million pounds of supplies by commercial and military planes as well as ships to the victims of hurricane Maria. Today, the Course of Action Foundation announces that it is joining forces with the City of Tampa who is providing storage space for receiving medical supplies from InterVol. a 501 (C) 3 organization and partner who donated much needed medical supplies during hurricane Maria.

On this occasion the Course of Cation Foundation will ship needed supplies donated by the InterVol an organization dedicated to connecting the world’s neediest to materials, people, and opportunities. By recovering and redistributing medical supplies and equipment, and through the provision of volunteer opportunities for medical professionals and aspiring educators, InterVol is able to further its mission to engage humanitarian efforts worldwide. In order to ship these medical supplies, the Course of Action Foundation will collect monetary donations through their non-profit website,

As with previous storms, the most effective means to support recovery of communities affected by Hurricane Fiona is to donate time or money to trusted federal and registered 501c3 voluntary-, faith- and community-based charitable organizations. This gives these organizations the ability to purchase what survivors need right now. In addition, when these organizations purchase goods or services locally, they pump money back into the local and regional economy, helping businesses recover faster.

We want to thank Mayor Jane Castor and the City of Tampa for their support and for providing with storage facilities. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by hurricane Fiona and the people of Puerto Rico.

News media contact: Mr. EJ Otero President Course of Action donation at; or Ms. Arlene Marie, Director Course of Action Foundation;